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In 2021, as part of my work with Abarta Heritage and under the art direction and based on a concept devised by director Neil Jackman, I developed and designed an interpretative panel for the Woodstown Viking site.
The design is inspired by Viking rune stones and it is constructed in lava stone. The ship represents the arrival of the Vikings to Woodstown. The serpent represents the World Serpent as well as the River Suir which runs by Woodstown. The colours are based in a colour scheme identified as used by Vikings.

Woodstown is one of the most important Viking settlements found outside Scandinavia. There is nothing preserved above ground. The panel is one of the actions of the Woodstown Viking Site Conservation Management Plan which I worked on layout and typesetting on and published in 2020.

Project Type

Panel design, illustration and typesetting


2020 - 2021


Co, Waterford, Ireland


Illustrator and Designer

Woodstown Interpretative Panel and Report

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