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Archaeological Illustration and Heritage Services

With almost 20 years experience of Illustration for archaeological and heritage sectors, public, commercial and non-profit I have amassed an extensive portfolio including mapping, visualizations/reconstructions, finds illustrations and more. Have a look at the samples below and don't hesitate to contact me if you would like more information.

Archaeological Finds Illustrations

Archaeological Finds Illustration
Metal Key archaeological find

Key excavated in St Mary's church, Kilkenny. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator for Kilkenny Archaeology

Horse Harness fragment

Image drawn and designed to show appearance and construction of a composite leather and metal decorated Horse Harness found at Caherduggan Castle, Doneraile, Co. Cork during an archaeological dig Illustrated for: Rubicon Hertiage

Decorated Antler gaming piece

Artefact illustration of a medieval decorated antler disc found at Tulsk, Co. Roscommon Drawn for: Discovery programme

Decorated Metal strip

Metal strip with "vine" motif decoration. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator Excavated from Castledonovan, Co. Cork by Rubicon Heritage

Medieval Ham green jug

Archaeological illustration showing different views of a Ham Green Jug. Drawing done in Illustrator and Photoshop for Rubicon Heritage

Boyle Abbey grave slabs

Grave slabs from Boyle Abbey, Co. Roscommon. Illustrated in Adobe Illustrated for Tobber Archaeology

Brooch with gems

Found during excavations of St. Marys Church Kilkenny. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator Illustrated for: Kilkenny Archaeology

Medieval Leather Shoes

Two leather shoes excavated during a dig at Caherduggan Castle, Doneraile, Co. Cork Illustrated for: Rubicon Heritage Ltd

Tripartite pottery Bowl

An early Bronze Age food vessel, with extensive decoration, largely intact. Excavated in Co. Carlow, drawn for Rubicon Heritage Ltd

Flint lock pistol

Flintlock pistol, technical illustration showing the different materials in the object. Illustrated for Rubicon Hertiage Ltd.

Stone axe illustration

Illustrations of Polished stone axe found during archaeological dig. Done in Adobe illustrator for Rubicon Heritage ltd.

Worked flint assortment

Archaeological Worked flint illustrated in Pen and Ink. Rathgall Co. Wicklow Drawn for: Prof. Barry Rafferty. UCD

Portuguese Floor tile find

Decorated Portuguese floor tile excavated from St. Marys Church Kilkenny Illustrated for: Kilkenny Archaeology

Bronze knife handle

Bronze knife handle found during excavations of Burtown Little, Co. Kildare for the N9/N10 Kilcullen to Waterford Scheme: Phase 3, Kilcullen to Carlow. Drawn on behalf of Rubicon Heritage for TII

Gemstone Cufflink

Cufflink illustrated in Adobe Illustrator St. Marys Church Kilkenny. Illustrated for: Kilkenny Archaeology

Claypipe bowl refitted

Clay pipe illustrated in Adobe Illustrator. Drawn on behalf of Rubicon Heritage

Reconstructions and Visualisations

Reconstructions and Visualisations
Reconstruction of Waterford Charter

Reconstruction and visualisation of Waterford's medieval Charter, done for Waterford Treasures Medieval Museum

Reconstruction of neolithic village

Artist visualisation of a prehistoric village and it's proximity to a neighboring settlement. Based on excavations in Russlestown, Kildare. Published in: "A Journey Along the Carlow Corridor: the archaeology of the M9 Carlow Bypass" Illustrated on behalf of Rubicon Heritage and TII

Hobilar and destrier size comparison

Visualisation of the possible size difference in a medieval hobilar and destrier horse. Image created as part of TII's publication "Colonising a Royal Landscape" Created for: Rubicon Ltd /TII's Heritage Series

Ryleen house reconstruction_newross bypass wixed

House reconstruction based on archaeological remains found at Ryleen during the New Ross bypass works undertaken by Rubicon heritage

Archaeological reconstruction

Archaeological reconstruction and visualisation of the 1642 massacre of Carrickmines Co. Dublin. A mass-grave was found during excavations with all skeletal remains bearing traces of violent deaths. One skeleton, that of a female showed injuries which could be attributed to having been cut down by sword, both from someone standing at her level and from horseback (depicted).

Sgraffito dish reconstruction

Sgraffito dish extrapolated from pottery sherds and reconstructed in Adobe Photoshop. From John Street, Waterford Co. Waterfod Done for: Rubicon Ltd.

Drinking horn terminal

Zoomorphic drinking horn terminal visualisation An interpretation of how the artefact may have looked when in use. Excavated from Ballyvass, N9/N10 Kilcullen to Waterford Scheme Drawn for: Rubicon Heritage on behalf of TII

Maps and Infographics

Maps and Infographics
Heat map of Ireland

Map of Ireland showing nativity of members of the 23rd Illinois Infantry

Medieval Pilgrimmage road map

Map of medieval pilgrimage route in Co. Kerry Produced for Louise Nugent

germany sites
The spread of motte and baileys wix

Spread of Anglo-Norman Motte and Baileys in Co. Louth, Ireland

Infographic skeletal remains of fish

Info graphic used to illustrate the prevalence of fish bone in an archaeological assemblage.

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