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Rostellan Dolmen Co. Cork Pen and Ink illustration

Rostellan Dolmen is nearly submerged by the tidal waters of Cork Harbor’s Saleen Creek, and is the only example of a dolmen on the shoreline in Ireland. It is hard to access, there is no obvious trail leading all the way to it, but it can be see from Saleen, across the estuary.

Two uprights support the long capstone. These uprights are each about 2 m tall and 1.5 m wide.

Generally considered Neolithic there is some controversy as it could also be a folly created as part of the now defunct Rostellan estate.

Rostellan Dolmen, Co. Cork

The illustration above was created from sketches and reference photos of the dolmen. Once I had created a final sketch I was happy with, the fun job of inking up the drawing started. For these type of illustrations I work mainly with a good quality smooth paper and a Rapidograph pen. The image is built up from individual dots laid down over several hours to finally depict both structure and shadowing.

While the drawing is time consuming it is oddly satisfying so expect more to come.

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